September 25, 2020

Does Your Dog Love or Hate Being Petted? Do You Know Why?


Do you like to shower your dog with affection, cuddles, pets and hugs?

Petting a dog seems like a straightforward way to share affection, but there is a right way to do it without annoying your dog or making them uncomfortable. Petting too aggressively or in the wrong spot can make your dog nervous, defensive and even aggressive.  It is important to understand a dog’s body language to read how your dog likes how you pet and where.

For every dog lovers, one of the best moments in life includes the day they greet and meet their puppy friend for the first time. To cherish that moment throughout the dog’s life,  it is important to make affection enjoyable for the dog, not something it has to put up with from you. 

Now let’s see how to pet your dog:



  • Proper Greeting: Dogs should be greeted properly. Give them the time and space to decide whether they want to choose you or not. Don’t impose yourself on them forcefully. Let them initiate their step towards you. If they want your attention, they will approach you.




  • Gentle patting: Pat your dog gently and slowly in the direction of their fur growth. Don’t have a heavy hand!  Try to play with them gently.




  • Make them stress-free: Look for signs of stress and distress if your dog is reluctant to be petted where it normally has no problem





  • Best spots to pet: Most dogs are comfy being petted on the shoulders, base of the neck and chest while dislike being pampered on top of the head, paws, tails, ears, and legs. Place your hand where the dog enjoys being massaged and slowly move your fingers in the direction of the fur. Slow petting can calm a dog down.



Things that may cause your dog to not wanting to be petted:



  • Sores, hot spots, flea, mite or parasite infestation




  • Stress, separation anxiety


  • Fear issues




Remember dogs are individuals like people, and not every dog reacts the same way. Do not force your affection on your dog. You may enjoy a gentle back massage, but you would not like someone pulling on your ears or sticking their hand in your face- well your dog is no different!  The more you make it enjoyable, the more affection your dog will want and your bond will be that much closer.

Neeraj works as a Growth Assistant at AirTract.Com, a social platform wherein people ask questions, write articles, share knowledge and experience. Graduated as a Computer Science Engineer, he is now a digital marketing enthusiast who reads and finds the latest techniques to grow an organization. If he is not working, either he would be on a football pitch or listening to music.

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