April 15, 2021

Do You Want to Be in Jackson Galaxy’s Next Book?


Jackson Galaxy has put out a call to the world in his newest You Tube Video that he is looking for people to feature in his and Kate Benjamin’s upcoming new book. With the success of the book Catification, Jackson and Kate are now looking for examples of how people have catified their home for their cats and gives various categories in this video.”you want to be famous, don’t you? This is your chance!”

If you are a fan of his television show My Cat from Hell and the book Catification, and have taken on one or more of Jackson’s projects, you just might have what it takes to have photos of your project included in the new book.  We would like to hear about it to. Please describe in a comment here how you have created a super cat highway in your home, built a catio or outdoor enclosure, or any other Catification project. Lets see the photos you would submit to Jackson!

The place to submit to Jackson is HERE

You may also listen to our interview with Jackson and Kate below the video:

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