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Who Chains You: Books by and for Animal Rescuers, Lovers, and Activists

In 2016 I started a book publishing company for those who believe that people—and animals—deserve to be free.

Our mission is singular: to amplify the voices of the animals through the empowerment of animal lovers, activists, and rescuers to write and publish books elevating the status of animals in society.

Who Chains You Publishing brings you books that educate, entertain, and share gripping plights of the animals we serve and those who rescue and stand in their stead.

At our deepest levels, we explore what chains we humans must break within ourselves in order to free the animals.

Now, just a year later, we already offer 17 books by and for animal lovers. We welcome all interviews of our authors and/or our publisher, Tamira Thayne, who formerly founded and ran Dogs Deserve Better for 13 years.

All our books can be found here: http://whochainsyou.com/books.html

Thank you for your consideration!

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