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Help-my dog eats poop-human poop

This is disgusting. For several years while I had a cat, Buster would clean out my litter box every day. After I lost my cat, I did not think too much about it... but now I have a roomate who is confined to a wheel chair, and Buster has discovered that Depends in a trash container contain what Buster thinks are tasty treats. It makes a disgusting mess, but I am also worried that with all the meds my roommate takes, it might present a health risk for Buster. Is there any way I can break Buster of this habit?

Could your housemate eat a bit of pineapple everyday for a couple weeks? That should make the poop taste bitter and hopefully break your pup's poop eating habit. Other than that, I'd suggest some kind of diaper genie that your dog can't get into.

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