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Photos of Feral Cats

I am an 80+ year old woman, always interested in photography, always a lover of cats, who began photographing feral cats for a very successful TNR group, Nobody's Cats Foundation in Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Recently I went to a rural Pennsylvania location of a couple named Deb and Steve.  When they first moved there in 1991 there were no cats, but cats from neighboring farms started to migrate to their place probably due to the food that was always there for them.  At some point, when the count reached 40 cats, they realized they needed the services of a TNR group to control the population.  They contacted Nobody's Cats Foundation and had all trapped, neutered and released.  These cats are well cared for....each has a name and if any needs medical help, Deb and Steve don't hesitate to trap and take to a vet. They were thrilled to have photos of cats that hung around.  I will be going there again soon.  Here are a few photos of these pampered feral.

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