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Meet the family...

Hello from the UK everyone. I'd like to start things off by introducing my best friends and feline overlords Augustus and Claudia...



Thanks Peter. They look beautiful!


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Peter, you can now upload pics. Can you tell us more about your feline friends?

Hello! I'm M. K. Clinton and very happy to be a part of this new community. I have two best friends, Bentley the basset Hound and Pierre the Westie.

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Hello folks from hot and humid  Central Florida.  I am owned by three amazing kitties.  Edgar Allen Poe, (2 yrs old- black and white "trim" medium hair domestic , Aki Pataki-Baracki-2 yrs old- Blue -ticked tabby Oriental Shorthair and Sir Hubble Pinkerton, almost 17 years old white Oriental Shorthair.

They are just wonderful cats- very smart- have a great sense of humor. Aki and Poe are foodies- Sir Hubble not so much since he has several serious medical conditions. But he is doing pretty well, all things considered and has developed a great taste for Deli ham (low sodium of course) which he gobbles up while we are giving him his daily sub Q fluids.

Happy to meet y'all.  And here they are 🙂

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Hi I'm Kathy, and I have five pets: Charlie Brown and Cooper are twin dogs rescued from Tennessee. Cooper is a tripawd. Our three cats are Cali, Tux and Newman. Here are picsL



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Greetings from Lakeland, Florida! I'm Arya the pug! I'm 5 months old. I had an older sister Munkii but she passed away on January 2nd. Munkii is in the photo with my mum Tiffany and that's her again sitting at the table. I'm the cutie in the car seat.

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Hello Everyone!

I'm Hannah.  The pic is of my best friend Sage.  We live in Idaho and had some snow last night.  We had to go up in the mountains to really get into it.  My tomato plants are still alive and well in the valley.  Weird weather we have nowadays!


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