August 4, 2020

Debunking Dog Food Myths



Did you know that the “Holistic” label on your dog’s food doesn’t actually mean anything, and any company can put this on their packaging? The same goes for “organic” dog foods – just because it says “organic” on the label doesn’t mean that every ingredient in the dog food formula will be organic. And hypoallergenic dog food simply doesn’t exist – no food can prevent allergies in all dogs.


If we look closely and pay attention, it’s very easy to notice how many myths and misconceptions are floating around the pet food industry. Many sources provide incorrect information and some pet food brands plain out lie to their customers about their dog and cat food products. Turns out it doesn’t take much to spend a few minutes and take a closer look at the regulations of the pet food market to see how easy it is to get away with false claims.


Not only that, but due to a large amount of unsupported theories floating around the Internet, many pet owners have started to believe some of these myths about what’s bad or what’s good for our dogs and cats, thereby robbing them of better nutrition, exposing to dangers or simply having to spend a lot of money on something that’s not necessary. Top Dog Tips has put a huge infographic of 32 dog food and feeding myths with references to studies and reputable sources disputing all of these claims:

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