October 24, 2020

Dear Mishu

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Hi ! This is Mishu. Some people wonder why I, a dog, became an Advice Columnist, and why they should listen to me. It’s simple: I’m a Survivor, and that makes me appreciate life and keep my focus on what really matters.

My background is similar to a lot of rescue dogs. In my case, I was born on the streets of Guatemala — a street dog and the daughter of street dogs. When I was a puppy, I got separated from my mother and was wandering around alone, hungry and afraid when a local rescue group, Unidos Para Los Animales, found me, took me in and took care of me. After they nursed me back to health, vaccinated and spayed me, a rescue group in Oakland, California paid to fly me to the United States, where they thought I’d have a better chance at adoption. This experience taught me to be tough, but also that it’s okay to rely on people who want to help.

Soon after arriving in California I was adopted. I wasn’t the cutest dog in my foster home — I was skinny, had big floppy ears and long, skinny legs. But when the family I wanted came to visit, I did everything I could to show them that I was friendly, smart, and funny. I charmed my way into their hearts, and they adopted me. I won the lottery! From this I learned that you should just go for what you want, without worrying if you’re good enough.

So here I am: a survivor, a fighter, and a dog that knows to appreciate what I have every day: a warm home, a loving family, food to eat. I’m always happy, I live in the moment, I’m focused and present, and I’m up for new adventures.

Here are some of my most popular advice columns. I’m looking forward to answering YOUR questions!


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