March 5, 2021

Dear Mishu-The Dog Advice Column Comes to Pet Radio



Mishu is a wise four legged girl who gives out canine and human advice on anything regarding relationships, doggy likes and dislikes, facts according to Mishu, and the path to contentment. She shares her advice of every day problems on Instagram and Twitter, and is now coming to Pet Radio to answer YOUR questions!

About Mishu: Mishu was born in Guatemala and rescued from the street as a puppy by Unidos Para Los Animales. From there, she won the jackpot and was brought to the United States where she was adopted by Gordon Wear Company. Mishu began her career as a model and product consultant for Gordon Wear’s dog-related products, but in 2016 branched out on her own as an advice columnist.

Mishu lives in comfort in the hills of beautiful North Carolina and even with all her fanfare, she has remained a classy lady- calm, cool, and collected, resisting the urge to become a doggy diva or a hot dog.


Check back for Dear Mishu’s official debut in a week or so and in the meantime use this form to send a question to Miss Misha which she may address it in her first column. Your email will not be made public or used for anything other than to notify you if your question will be published

Ask Mishu a Question.

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