June 16, 2021

Darbi Jo the Golden Retriever


Darbi Jo’s Official Bio

I am a 4 year old female Golden Retriever looking for more friends. I like to chase squirrels, birds and bark at people outside my fence. I also like to hunt with my human sometimes (for more birds). I have a very plush life, and am spoiled rotten. I have 3 pack sisters, who are also Golden Retrievers.  Two of them are rescues. We call ourselves “The Pack”. I am the alpha dog, that is why I am the one getting a facebook page. Please be my friend. I will love you unconditionally.

Bragging Rights:  I survived getting hit by a car (my human got hit too). After fleeing the scene,  I spent a whole night in the woods all alone (with coyotes and wolves).


What does Darbi Jo’s human family consist of?

It is just Momma and the four of us girls, but we have lots of supportive family including Grandma, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.


Does Darbi Jo live in the big city or out in the country?

We live in a small suburb of a big city. We spend a lot of time hiking and training in the field, though. We have a big fenced yard with lots of area to play.



What are Darbi Jo’s favorite winter activities, and what are her favorite summer outdoor activities? Does she like to swim?

I like to fetch ANYTHING for Momma, year ’round. I am a fetching machine! We enjoy winter hiking and some snow shoeing. One of my favorite things to do is bite ALL of the snow coming off from Momma’s shovel. In the fall I am a trained hunting Retriever, hunting Grouse and Pheasant with Momma. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to swim– lakes, rivers, puddles, ponds, swamps, and swimming pools. Momma needs to be careful as I can be a bit obsessive about it!


Does Darbi Jo sleep in her own bed or with Momma?

I sleep wherever I want. Most of the time it is with Momma, but sometimes I like to sleep in my dog bed. Usually I pick a dog bed when I am REALLY tired, but always end up in bed with Momma. Breakfast is promptly at 4:45AM, I find it easier to wake her at the appointed time when in bed with her! I usually snuggle in and put my head on her pillow and make little smoochie sounds, if that doesn’t work I whine a little and thump my tail on the bed… If that doesn’t work, I must resort to barking!
What is the worst thing Darbi Jo has ever done that got her in trouble?

The worst thing I ever did was take off swimming on a really big lake chasing sea gulls. I got so far away Momma got scared. No matter the whistle or her call, I only had eyes for that white bird. Just about the time Momma borrowed a boat, I came back. I also am prone to test the depths of all mud puddles and swamps… I also chase rabbits and squirrels in my yard incessantly (I have even caught and killed rabbits in the winter time, that is very upsetting for Momma…)

 Was Darbi Jo hurt in the car accident?

I was hit and rolled on the sand road, Momma was hit and thrown over the hood of the car. I was not physically injured, but ran far, far away in fear and panic. Momma was injured, but spent the day looking for me until the sheriff made her go in the ambulance to the hospital. When she found me the next day, I was still very afraid and it took Momma laying down in the road and coaxing me to play before I realized who she was and I wiggled all the way to her and hugged her. I was very hungry and had some ticks, but I survived a night in the woods, by myself, with wolves and coyotes and bobcats and cougars all around. It changed me some and I do not wander too far from Momma any more.

What is Darbi Jo’s favorite dog treat?

I like ALL the treats Momma makes the best, as they are made with healthy ingredients and love! But, I do LOVE frozen treats, and I enjoy carrots, apples and the occasional doggy bagel. Antlers and butcher bones are high on my list as well. Quite frankly, I am a bit of a “chow hound” and rarely pass up anything that is edible…

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