November 25, 2020

Dane Ordered Euthanized For Scratching a Child


This story is tragic. A family with a 120 pound great Dane has been told by their Waukesha County officials in Milwaukee, WI to either have the dog euthanized or move the dog out of the county. All resulting from two seemingly insignificant incidents of minor injuries against  family members that was reported to authorities by someone outside the family.  First a minor bite to Bea Robertson the owner of the dog and then a scratch to a toddler who belonged to Bea’s niece.  One required stitches, but was considered minor.

The incidents happened in 2018, and the family has been fighting the county ever since.

In 2019 the family sued the city over the decision, but recently lost as the judge ruled the county was within its power to order the dog put to death. There have been no further incident since 2018.


“It’s not over — this is basically round one,” Robertson told reporters, “and George is doing great. He’s such a good boy. Everybody loves him. … It would just be so hard to lose a member of this family.”

There is another mediation hearing coming up, but the family is unclear what its purpose or outcome will be.

Is this an overreaction? Is the government going outside its bounds in demanding the dog is a threat? What would you say to the county in Milwaukee? For two years now the family has followed all instructions in keeping their dog muzzled and away from children and has had no further incidents.  What would you express on the counties social media?


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