Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

Daily Pet: Winston and Snickers


In August 2012 our beloved Dusty, the Angel Pup passed away. He was a special dog, worthy of his name, and while his passing was no surprise after his steady decline, him not being around anymore meant my husband, Mark, would be alone during the day on his first year of retirement. And that was not part of Mark’s plan. The day after Dusty died was a Friday and on Saturday Mark got online and found a lhasa-bichon mix just like Dusty, only black and white whereas Dusty had been pure white. Mark wrote the owner an email, and waited for a response. The owner did not respond on Saturday; she did not respond on Sunday. I went to work leaving a sad hubby behind, only to get an email from him mid-morning saying: “The puppy is still available. What do you want to do?” Well, I couldn’t think of anything better to do that to drive from Michigan to Pennsylvania to see this puppy. So that’s what we did. Tuesday morning, we drove up the driveway of this beautiful Mennonite farm–explaining the lack of email response on Sunday!–and soon the owner brought out this cute black and white puppy. She put him in this kiddie wading pool filled with toys and he just sat there and stared at us. We put him, his tail wagged once, and he just sat there, as if petrified. So we asked the lady if perhaps this puppy had a sibling, and out came this tan and white lhasa-bichon mix about 2/3 the size of the black puppy, had a severe underbite and a scratch on his eye. Well, he ran up to the black and white puppy and soon the two puppies were off and running around. They ran up to us, tails wagging and as I watched them I decided the tan and white one needed us to get him big and strong; the black and white one needed him to uh, not be afraid of everything?, and Mark needed both of them.
We drove them both home and the two brothers, Winston and Snickers, have been inseparable ever since. Snickers is now almost the same size as Winston. They celebrated their first birthday April 7.

Pet name:
Winston and Snickers

Pet age:

Amy L Peterson

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