Daily Pet: Wally and Bella


Pet name:
Wally and Bella

Pet age:
Both are thought to be about six years old

I began fostering hoping to make a difference in the lives of the animals I rescued. Wally and Bella came into my life as special circumstances from abuse situations living at my local shelter. Little did I know that my life would be changed forever . Although we currently have adopted six animals at this point, Wally and Bella were my starter kids. I no longer foster because I am a failure, but do help in other ways. My life has changed forever since having these little gems in my life. Their companionship and unconditional love has surpassed everything I could have ever thought possible. I have learned first hand what is meant by the saying that the animals have rescued me! I am a forever changed person, and it all began with these two babies.. My little inseparable buddies.

Pat Harris, PA