October 29, 2020

Daily Pet: Nailah Bone

Naliah Bone1


Nailah is my best friend and we have been through a lot together. Since I got her while I was a college student we both learned to adapt to different situations, both good and bad, and because of those trying times our bond grew stronger. Since she is an active dog I have always had her involved in various activities including agility and obedience classes and trials. Having to learn to train her and work with her has given me a confidence boost I never expected.


I am truly grateful to Nailah for all the different things she’s exposed me to. Dog park days and meeting other pet parents has made my life richer and I know that it’s thanks to her. Even though Nailah is technically a senior pet I can’t see her slowing down any time soon. I know there are plenty of adventures for us to go on and that I’ll continue learning from all the moments we share together.


By making our pets a part of our family we improve our own quality of life, that’s what my dog has taught me and what I hope to share with others.

Cat and Nailah

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