Daily Pet-Daisy Dawg



Daisy was left abandoned as a pup outside of a pet shop. We found her in a cage waiting for a vet to pick her up (most likely to put her down). She was sick, had no papers and the shop didn’t want to sell her because they had no idea where she came from. We were keeping our eye out for a female cattle dog, not only for a companion for my three young children but also for my geriatric male ACD (Aussie – who was put down last Xmas at the ripe old age of 17 !). After some convincing they sold her to us and we estimate that Daisy is now 5 years old.

Daisy pet comp 20.7.09 012
Daisy was naturally curious and wanted to learn so we got right to work teaching her what we could – sit, stay, drop, roll, hi-5, speak – but it never seemed enough ! we took her to puppy -pre-school where she blitzed the class ! For new experiences we started taking her out to the shops, parks, river and she got use to everything and loved everything ! We entered her in a Vote my Pet competition when she was still a pup and she came 4th in Australia !

One day when I was out a local animal trainer asked if she could put Daisy on her books – about a year later she got her first job on a corporate video. She has recently done TVCs for XXXX Island and Toyota and has also filmed a cameo in the new Mad Max movie.

flag poster

Three weeks ago I set up a fb pg and twitter acc for Daisy as a joke cause my friend asks more about her then me ! Although she has 69 official ‘likes’ over 100 people are looking at her status each day – it’s so funny !

She likes to relax on her wall (see pic) although she has access to 4 acres – which is why we call her the wanna be cat. Her best mate is a chicken who has taken over old Aussie’s kennel and bowls which is why we call her the wanna be dog !

Daisy is such a clever and loving dog. Through The Daisy Diaries i’d like to get the message across that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a pedigree to have a good dog (Aussie was abandoned at the RSPCA) and if you spend the time training your pet as a puppy you will have a well-mannered companion for life

Brenda Brown