Daily Pet: Alex- OAS Survivor


Pet name:

Pet age:
6 Years Old (approx)


Alex was kept in a small dog crate for over 2 years at the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks WA. The sanctuary housed over 100 dogs.

Many people, including myself, worked very hard to help get the dogs rescued from OAS.

After the owner of the sanctuary unexpectedly loaded up the dogs and took them to AZ, arrangements were made for me to adopt Alex.

Late in the evening, on Jan. 1st. 2014, Alex arrived here and started his new life. It was a great start for the New Year.

Alex is very intelligent, well mannered and has a temperament typical of a German Shepherd dog. Since I have had him, he has been my constant companion. He does many surprising and funny things.

Alex loves to play with a ball or a stick in my back yard. He also thinks one of his jobs is to chase away the squirrels…. LOL!!

Some people following the OAS story, have commented that Alex was luck to get adopted by me. That isn’t exactly true, I am the lucky one who ended up adopting Alex. He is an amazing dog. 🙂

Ron Smith- CA