January 19, 2021

Cuddle clone: The Most Realistic Reproduction of Your Pet- It’s Scary!

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Cuddle Clones

What is it?
A stuffed animal that is 100% custom handmade to look just like YOUR pet! These wonderful likenesses are called Cuddle Clones.
How it Works
Visit their website at www.cuddleclones.com and submit pictures of your pet and in several weeks…voila…an exact replica of your pet arrives at your door!

What Purpose do they serve…and for whom?
Cuddle Clones help capture that special bond between pet owners and their pets. They are great for:
• Bereaved pet owners missing a beloved pet that has passed away
• College students who can’t take the family pet with them to school
• Our deployed service men and women who want a little piece of home close by
• Loved ones in nursing homes or extended hospital stays that can’t have their real pets by their bedsides.
• And for Talk Show Hosts! Keep your pets in your thoughts by keeping your Cuddle Clone close by in your dressing room while you’re busy working on the show!

Cuddle Clones cares deeply about helping pets in need!
Cuddle Clones gives a portion of every purchase to animal shelters, pet adoption services and other pet charities.

Where Can You Get a Cuddle Clone and for how much?
Available only at  www.cuddleclones.com and they start at $179.

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