January 16, 2021

Couture Dogs


Photographer Paul Nathan documents New York’s best-dressed dogs, their owners, and the couturiers who design their custom made outfits. While socializing with the four-legged, Nathan attended “pawties”, “puptials,” and “barkmitzvahs.” He photographed tail-waggers who get around in yellow cabs wearing matching outfits and visited the homes of doggie moms with walk-in closets for their “fur children” filled with enough designer outfits to rival any New York fashionista. And finally he chose fifteen of the most fashionable pooches to invite to his studio along with their favorite couture outfits to pose for this book. The result is a giddily glamorous romp through New York’s “Doggie World” where the city’s most fashionable mutts get dressed to the “k-nines” even for a walk around the block.
Publication date: February 1, 2013
8″ x 10″/160 pages/ 131 color photographs/ Hard case with jacket.
ISBN: 978-0-9851368-1-9

Paul Nathan will be on the Pet Radio Show March 16th

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