September 20, 2020

Colorado Pets Need Help NOW


The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is the largest animal shelter is southern and western Colorado and has been instrumental in rescuing displaced pets from the Black Forest fire.  Over 1200 animals have been rescued and over 300 reunited with their pet parents.

HSPPR may open additional, temporary shelters for evacuated pets, providing food, veterinary care and other vital services to traumatized and vulnerable animals. The Animal Law Enforcement team rescues pets from dangerous or evacuated areas. The surgery center is on call to aid with emergency medical procedures. The costs for these extra resources and extended efforts can be immense, but your donation allows their Community Animal Response Team to save more animal lives!

Pet Radio wants to help. Our available resources is very small, and is dependent on our advertising revenue, but we have allocated 200 dollars as a donation based on the forecast of new potential sponsors. You can help by liking our Facebook page. Our ability to attract more sponsors depends on our ability to show we have a growing audience. You can also help by donating whatever you can to HSPPR

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