Mon. Jul 22nd, 2019

CLAWGUARD To Donate From The Sale Of Products To Dogs Deserve Better, Inc.


Charlotte, NC —  Kevin Dixon, Founder of CLAWGUARD, has made it the company’s mission to give back to dogs in need and help them find forever homes. It was Dixon’s rescue  dog, Foster, the inspiration behind CLAWGUARD, that keeps giving back to rescue groups as a top priority for the company. Because of that, CLAWGUARD will donate $1 from the purchase of every CLAWGUARD product until December 18 to Dogs Deserve Better, Inc.


The beneficiary of the donations is Dogs Deserve Better, Inc., an organization dedicated to providing a better life for abused, neglected and abandoned canines. They focus on dogs who are chained or penned without human companionship. Amy Hines of Dogs Deserve Better, Inc. said the organization, “strives to accomplish rescues through advocating for humane legislation, promoting spay and neuter, educating communities on animal welfare and rescuing and rehabilitating distressed canines.” She thanked Dixon and CLAWGUARD, saying, “We are grateful to be the beneficiary of CLAWGUARD’s generosity and the dogs in our care will certainly benefit.”


CLAWGUARD is rated as an “Amazon Choice” product and has received more than 500 positive reviews from users. CLAWGUARD has grown from its humble beginnings as a “piece of cardboard and duct tape” solution to a product that dog (and cat) owners are finding to be the ideal solution to a destructive and anxious pet.


CLAWGUARD products include the Original Door Shield, the Heavy Duty Door Shield for those more rambunctious scratchers and CLAWGUARD Protective Tape that shields windowsills, carpets, weather stripping and other areas of the home from scratching.


Dixon said, “At this time of the year when everyone is in the giving mood, it is heartbreaking to know there are so many dogs who need, and deserve good homes. We hope the donation we make to Dogs Deserve Better helps provide a better life for dogs in their care.”


For more information on Dog Deserve Better visit:


This innovative product is for any pet owner whose home is being damaged by their cat or dog who is scratching or chewing on the door or window sills. You can purchase CLAWGUARD on Amazon, or their website at

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