June 16, 2021

Chi Chi quadruple amputee becomes a therapy dog



Chi Chi is a 3 year old female Golden Retriever and is a Certified Therapy Dog. She visits hospitals, schools and other facilities where she brings smiles and hope to people of all ages.

Chi Chi is a quadruple amputee because she had to have parts of all four of her legs amputated to save her life.

Chi Chi was rescued in South Korea and has lived in Arizona, USA with her forever family since March 2016.


Chi Chi was born in January 2014 and was kept alive at a dog meat farm to eventually be slaughtered.  She was discovered discarded in a trash bag, her feet nearly cut off with bruises and cuts all over her body.

Her rescuerers had all four legs amputated in order to save her life.  This was made possible by The Hope Foundation (Nabiya/Irion Project to help injured Animals) when they contacted ARME to partner and find a home in America.


Chi Chi’s journey has just started. She has been adopted by an amazing family in Arizona, USA, and is on her way to a new life.



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