June 16, 2021

Charlie the Golden and His Pack’s Secret

by Robert Hudson


Charlie the Golden is a golden retriever living the high life with three other dogs in Ohio, and has become one of the most famous dog families on social media with over a million followers.  Just a little over three years ago, Alicia and her husband started posting videos to social media.  Posts began with a few hundred likes and grew to a few thousand and then to 50, 100,000 likes. 


The key to their success has been their mass of funny videos that most dog owners can relate to.  It is the antics of every day canine life that hits home with readers.

Charlie is three years old, Buddy is a seven year old  golden retriever, and Daisy and Herbie are  Landseer Newfoundland’s. Daisy is almost two, and Herb is seven and a half months old.   Daisy, being the only girl, is the boss of the pack!


“Daisy is on the smaller side of the breed, but she is what some would call a “throwback” Newfoundland. She currently weighs 100 lbs. The standard weight for a female Newfoundland is 100 to 120 pounds.”, Alicia told me.    She went on to say. “Herb is still a puppy and has quite a bit of growing to do still. Newfoundland’s usually reach their full height by 18 months of age but continue to fill out or bulk up until two years of age. Herb is around 115 pounds so far. He’s charting to be about 150 pounds full grown. The standard weight for male Newfies range from 130 to 150 pounds. But some do get larger.”


I asked her how she and her husband got interested in these breeds.  “My husband had a Golden Retriever growing up. So when we decided to get our first dog together, he wanted a golden. So we got Tucker. I was immediately hooked and fell head over heels in love with the breed. Sadly we lost our sweet Tucker to cancer on November 20th, 2019. He was 11 years old when he passed.


As for my Newfoundlands, I had a friend who had a ginormous one when I was younger. He reminded me of a big teddy bear. I always told myself I would own one one day.”



Has the fame gone to Charlie’s head?  “Most definitely. Charlie now charges me 20 treats per video.”

If Charlie could talk, what do you think he would say to you?  “I think the question should be, what wouldn’t he say lol!  If Charlie could talk, he would talk my head off 95% of the day and be full of questions. ”   A typical youngster!
Each of the dogs have their own secret quirks that their fans are not aware of. Here is their secret-
  • Daisy is afraid of the dark.
  • Herbie is afraid of little dogs and the pooper scooper.
  • Buddy is weird about wheelbarrows 
  • Charlie loves water. But he will only get in it as long as he can touch the bottom.  No jumping off docks with Charlie!


What does the future hold for Charlie and the pack?  “We have a lot of cool video ideas planned for this summer. The dogs will definitely be doing a lot of swimming and going on hiking adventures. ”


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