June 16, 2021

Cat who survived Camp Wildfire returned home

Olive the cat who was lost in the devastating Camp wildfire in northern California is finally reunited with her family and home.

The San Francisco SPCA posted a photo of the reunion of Olive and her human mom Ashton.  They report that  the estatic kitty rushed into Ashton’s outstretched arms while purring like a motorboat before curling up into Ashton’s lap.

Olive arrived at its veterinary hospital after she was lost and injured during the wildfires in November. Fortunately Ashton, Olive’s mom, spotted her beloved babe from posted photos of the wildfire cats on Facebook.

“Ashton adopted Olive when she was just a kitten, nearly a decade ago,” said the SF SPCA. “When Ashton went away to college Olive stayed behind with Ashton’s parents, whose home was ravaged by the wildfires. The house repairs will take time. Now that Olive has been discharged from our hospital, her awesome foster parent says that she has a safe haven in her foster home for as long as needed.”

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