April 15, 2021

Cat who comforted cemetery mourners is laid to rest and honored


Barney was a twenty year old cat who lived at a cemetery in England after his owners moved away from their home next to a cemetery, and has been comforting visitors who come to honor their lost loved ones.

Alan Curzon is the cemetery caretaker, and made sure Barney had something to eat every day and provided a shelter for Barney to keep dry and warm.

‘He is a much loved and very adorable cat. For those who enter the cemetery with a heavy heart, he lightens the experience for them. When people walk through the gates, he often comes up to them and brushes against them. There is not a bad bone in his body.’ Curzon told Guernsey Press in an interview before the cat passed.

Guernsey Press announced on March 1st that Barney had passed at 20 years of age, and since then the community has been mourning the cat that gave them comfort for so many years. He was given an official burial plot at St Sampson’s cemetery, as well as his own bench and a plaque on a cemetery wall to be remembered by. His official death notice was published in the local paper.

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