January 16, 2021

Cat Stops Traffic Trapped in Car Engine


When a woman ran up to the car frantically pointing and screaming, “CAT. CAT!”,  Shayde Bridges  and her boyfriend Lucas Lambert thought the woman must be drunk, but when they turned down the music they could hear a faint meow. Looking in the front and back seat, they could not find the cat,  so they got out and opened the hood finding their cat Koi stuck between the engine and the radiator.

They stopped traffic in Ventura , California during the Wine Walking event and anxious drivers were honking their horns, but Shayde refused to move until her cat was rescued.

“People ran from all directions to help,” Bridges said. “It was surreal. The restaurant across the street, Capriccio, brought out a little plate of chicken to try to lure her out. A couple of people tried to pull her out.”

Koi survived a 20-minute drive Saturday while stuck in the engine of Bridges’ car.

Bridges noticed a Ventura Police officer who happened to be one of her regular customers from her job at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. The officer called the owner of Double R Towing.

The tow truck owner jacked up the car and took the valance off the front of the vehicle so Koi could escape and told Bridges to be ready to catch her.

The rescue took less than ten minutes without a hitch, reuniting a happy kitty with her grateful Mama.

The tow truck driver did the work for free.


“You can’t charge somebody when they’re in need like that,” he said. “It’s wrong. When I unlock a car with somebody’s kid in there, I don’t charge. That’s not right. It always feels good to do something good for somebody.”

Life is now back to normal for Shayde and Koi.

“It was scary, but a very positive and uplifting experience because so many people were willing to help.”

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