Cat Rescued From Atop a Pole in Vermont


Black cat gets lucky-

JOHNSON, Vermont – A stranded black cat perched high atop a utility pole was rescued this week by Vermont Electric Cooperative workers, the company said Tuesday.

A system operator received the report Monday afternoon about a cat that climbed a utility pole and put out the call for help.  A VEC Grand Isle line worker named Shawn Juaire responded.

A Richford field office worker, Gerald Gates, arranged to meet Juaire at the pole since line workers must work in pairs. Juaire brought along his bucket truck since all of the Richford bucket trucks were out on other jobs.

An hour later, Gates and Juaire found the black cat still crouched on the center of the pole.

A move in any direction could have meant electrocution or a deadly fall for the little kitty, and they knew that they would need to approach the cat (not to mention the electricity) cautiously. “Shawn put on his protective gear, and Gerald sent him up in the bucket,” the company reported in a public statement.

Juaire secured the line by putting rubber on the center phase. During the ordeal, the cat did not move, “clinging to the pole for dear life,” the company said. Juaire wrapped the cat in a shirt and put him in a tool bag for the ride back down to the ground.

Gates tried to find the owner afterward, but had little luck since the cat lacked a collar. Instead, the two workers shooed the kitty into a nearby barn to recuperate and find its own way home, the company said.

It is unknown how long the cat was sitting on top of the pole.  We are very thankful to the workers for saving the cat, but only wish they would have taken the cat to a shelter instead of simply returning it to the frigid cold.