Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Cat Lost in Mudslide Found 475 Days Later


A family that survived a big mudslide in Montecito, California last year have been saddened since losing their cat Diamond to the disaster that devastated their neighborhood in 2018 and was shocked when by chance they learned the cat has survived and has been cared for ever since.


The homeowner was speaking with a contractor they hired to power wash their deck and by chance began talking about the pets in the area that were lost in the devastation and how sad the kids were.  The contractor said he found a cat in his neighborhood in the aftermath and has been feeding it ever since.  It turns out it was the families missing cat!


The family decided to evacuate their home when warnings came in about the impending storm. They left quickly and couldn’t round up their two cats, Diamond and Huguette, in time. When they returned home a few days later to assess the damage to their property, their pets were nowhere to be found.


The last time the Strogoff’s saw Diamond was one day before the Montecito Mudslide destroyed their property and surrounding neighborhood. Huguette is still missing.


Noelle told a local reporter  this story serves as a reminder to never give up hope and that miracles happen.


“Don’t give up, keep looking, just keep talking to people and expressing what it is you are looking for,” she said.

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