Cat Found Frozen on Roadside is Recovering

frozen cat

Thursday this cat was found on the side of the road covered in snow and ice. R.J. Poulter noticed it when he slowed down to pull in a driveway. He thought it was dead but when he stopped to check, noticed it was breathing and literally peeled him off the road. He called Little Brook Farm Sanctuary who came to the scene and brought him back to the sanctuary. After being warmed by a fire he began to walk and stand on his own.

Today he is being brought to Dr. Patterson at the Sheep Meadow Animal Hospital for a full evaluation.

frozen cat

At first glance it was thought the cat was dead, but then Mr. Poulter saw the cat was breathing.

Little Brook Farm, established in 1977, is one of the oldest and largest rescues in the northeast. They rescue and provide sanctuary to 60 horses and 70 cats (neutered/no cages), as well as 5 dogs, 2 sheep, a pig and a rooster.