Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy Magazines Close-Catster and Dogster a new


After 50 years of publication, I5 publishing is shutting down Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy Magazines, and in Spring of 2015, I5 debuts Catster and Dogster bi monthly magazines, an extension of their web properties of the same names.

“We had a good 50 year run, but March will be our last issue”,  Susan Logan, Editor of Cat Fancy told me.

During the 50 year run, Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy were resurrected a few times, first owned by Fancy Publications, then Bow Tie Publications, and now I5 Publishing.

“We feel that the tone, content and frequency of the new titles are a better fit for the contemporary pet owner and how they consume their pet-related information,” says Kim Huey-Steiner, I-5 Publishing’s chief sales officer. “The integration of online and print brands also allows us to be more focused in our mission, provide advertisers greater continuity across media and drive the greatest value for pet owners and brands alike.

“Catster is the TMZ of pet publishing” says Susan Logan, but adds she will still be a contributing writer to the new magazine. There is no doubt that Cat Fancy print and their internet properties and social networking has had much more meat on the bone than and more foot traffic. It will be interesting to see how I5 merges all the community forums, web properties, and social networking. With Facebook alone, Cat Fancy has over 600,000 followers, (six times that of Catster)

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