November 27, 2020

Can You Use CBD Dog Treats For Joint Pain?

As dogs age, they face different types of joint pain, including arthritis, joint inflammation, hip dysplasia, and others. While there may be no designated cure for these ailments, there could be possible benefits to be gained from using CBD to help control these ‘growing pains’ experienced by human beings’ longtime best friend. 

But what could CBD dog treats do to help?

CBD Dog Treats Vs. CBD Oil

There are a few main differences between CBD oil and CBD dog treats that are important to know and understand before deciding what route to explore for your dog. When it comes to practicality or ease of use, CBD dog treats have been shown to have more benefits than plain CBD oil. For instance, CBD treats are easier to administer than trying to squirt oil drops directly into your pet’s mouth. Plus, treats make dosing easier because you know the precise dosage contained in one chew.

But perhaps the main factor that makes CBD treats the better option for some dog owners is that these products were supposedly designed specifically to relieve the pet’s joint pain. The products’ purported claim to their success is due to the addition of glucosamine or chondroitin, which are aimed at attacking joint pain. There’s a wide variety of CBD dog treats available, and the Healthy Petables homepage is a good place to look if you’re starting to research about high-quality CBD treats for your furry friend. 

Safety Concern

While CBD oil may be the better option when treating serious medical conditions or when providing specific dosing, CBD treats could be more helpful for everyday aches and pains experienced by older dogs. 

Though marijuana itself can be harmful to dogs, CBD is an entirely different story because it doesn’t contain the THC ingredient found in marijuana that humans use. CBD products for dogs often contain less than 0.03 mg of THC, as it will be toxic if dogs would intake it in larger quantities. 

Dosage Focus

A key component to assuring your dog’s safety as you experiment with the effects of CBD treats is paying close attention to the dosage. As long as you’re careful with your dosing and stick to CBD treats that contain around 10 mg of CBD per piece, it might come out better for your dog without putting it in any danger.

Various brands of CBD treats will have different dosages and differing suggestions for administering them based on the size and weight of your pet. That being said, it’s always safer to start with a low dose, such as 3 mg or lower, when starting to administer any kind of medicine for pets. With your vet’s permission, stay with this low dose for a few weeks until you could be sure that your pet doesn’t feel any negative side effects associated with the CBD treats. Again, with your vet’s go-signal, you could experiment with slowly increasing the dosage.

Possible Benefits

While its effects could be taken on a case-to-case basis, CBD treats could perhaps provide certain benefits that span beyond joint pain relief, including:

  • May reduce anxiety

Some signs that your dog is suffering from anxiety are excessive barking or restlessness when you leave the house. If this sounds like your dog, using CBD treats might be able to help relieve that anxiety that causes them to hide during a thunderstorm or when there’s a firework show on the Fourth of July.

  • Might help control seizures and epilepsy

In humans, certain patients have sworn by CBD’s effectivity in helping them cope with seizures or epilepsy, so some also speculate that this could also be the case for dogs. While there are other medications available that could indeed help to lessen these attacks, CBD treats might provide an alternative without the expense of being harmful to the dog’s liver.

  • Might enhance appetite

Just as marijuana can give humans the ‘munchies,’ CBD treats have been known to show an increase in appetite for dogs. Another speculated effect of CBD treats is the reduction in the dog’s vomiting or nausea, even if these are caused by other toxins or drugs. 

  • Might help fight certain types of cancer

There haven’t been a lot of studies yet regarding CBD treats’ effects on dogs with cancer. However, preliminary studies done suggest that CBD may have some kind of anti-tumor effect. If this science is correct, that means CBD could perhaps aid in stopping cancerous cells from growing and blocking tumor cells from producing energy.


While it seems that CBD treats could be beneficial and an easier way to possibly relieve joint pain in dogs, it could cause side effects in your dog, like any other kind of medication. Symptoms might include dry mouth, lowered blood pressure, or drowsiness. When beginning to give your dog CBD treats, be sure to closely consult with a veterinarian, give the correct dose, and keep an eye out for any side effects that may arise. Be sure to stop or reduce the dosage immediately if any of these side effects do occur.


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