June 16, 2021

Calming Beds for Nervous Pet Dogs


Are you a loving and responsible dog owner? Is your dog showing some degree of nervousness, and you would want to offer them some little comfort?


Well, given the time you spend with them, offering a little luxury may be beneficial in calming them. BobbyBed.com has some great options and insight on the best calming beds for your nervous pet dog. So you do not have to fret over where to find a more comfortable choice for your puppy.


The calming dog bed provides a warm cozy and secure space for your pet. More importantly, it creates space for improving your little pet’s calmness, quality of life, and enjoyment. 


This article focuses on various calming beds for nervous pet dogs. Also, it contains what you should know and consider before buying a calming bed for your dog.

What to consider before buying a calming bed for your nervous pet


The size of your dog

When buying a calming bed, consider the size of your dog. This will allow you to go for a bed that will enable your pet to sleep restfully and gain more in terms of their general health.


What your dog wants

No one spends more time with your dog than you; therefore, you can keenly observe what your pet prefers. You can play around with the location of their bed and see where they gravitate.


The best calming beds for nervous pet dogs


1. Calming donut bed


This calming pet bed features five different sizes; small, medium, large, extra-large, and jumbo. So that you can always have something comfortable for your dog despite its size.


Besides, it meets the necessary requirements to provide a safe haven for your dog. It also adopts an ultra-soft shag fabric with 7 inches raised wall to provide your best buddy with ultra comfort and orthopedic support for the head and neck.


Additionally, the soft fillings provide joint and muscle relief while creating deep crevices. This allows your dog to barrow and have a restful sleep.


Moreover, this cuddler features an easy to clean machine washable cover for a more comfortable experience. Furthermore, it’s built to last, never loses shape, and requires no assembly. Unbox and let your pet enjoy its new comfort.


2. Furhaven Pet – Plush Orthopedic Sofa


This calming pet bed adopts a classic sofa design with three-sided bolsters. Which promotes security and provides additional high-loft cushion support for head resters and cozy nestling nooks for burrowers.


Moreover, for ultra comfort, the sleep surface is lined with insulating sherpa fleece. While the bolster features snuggly textured chenille fabric. Both fabrics are soft to touch, making a perfect calming space for your pooch.


Furthermore, the egg crate orthopedic foam guarantees cushioning of pressure points, distribution of body weight, and enhances air circulation. At the same time, the bolsters offer support for the neck, back, hips, and joints for a more relaxing experience.


Overall, this bed comes in various shades and sizes and, more importantly, easy maintenance for a convenient experience.


3. Furhaven Pet – Plush Ergonomic Orthopedic Foam Mattress Dog Bed


This plush calming bed features a friendly design with an attached blanket that can be used as it is or converted into a tented burrowing cave. Whichever configuration your pet chooses, it will offer a cozy nestling space for your pet to curl up and snuggle in warmth.


The interior sleep surfaces adopt the insulating sherpa fleece, while the hooded blanket exterior features comfortable care micro suede. These soft-touch fabrics ensure the bed remains warm and calming to your pet.


Furthermore, the calming bed is ergonomically designed to offer your pet superior comfort for a more restful sleep. Besides, it presents easy care with a removable cover that is machine washable. Also, it features rich shades and four different base sizes for you to pick one that matches your dog’s size.


4. Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed


Give your pet the dog bed of their dreams. This calming donut bed by Sheri features a matching calming shag pet throw blanket.


The faux-fur shag fabric of both the cuddler and the blanket mimic the warmth of their mother’s fur. This provides a calm and anxiety-relieving space guaranteeing ultimate comfort to your pet whether it’s new to the home or not.


Moreover, the bed is carefully crafted with raised rims and super soft fillings to guarantee a restful place for your pooch. Furthermore, the bed cover and the blanket are machine washable, allowing for easy maintenance.


Overall this pair of shag blanket and cuddler offers a perfect combo for your furry friend.




You can do more to make your furry friend relaxed and calm, but you can start by giving them a comfortable bed. These four calming beds for nervous pet dogs promises a restful and relaxing place for your pet dog. More importantly, they will help keep your dog calmer and improve their general behavior and health.


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