January 20, 2021

Buster’s Shiny Paw Bath



Buster Boy does not enjoy baths, but sometimes you have to do what needs to be done! Sorry Buster.


Shiny Paw shampoo


Buster has been all itchy and scratchy, and his natural essence aroma has been getting more difficult to tolerate… SO IT’S TIME!  To tackle this problem, I am using Shiny Paw Natural Shampoo for Dogs. It contains eucalyptus, aloe vera, chamomile, as well as vitamins and skin conditioners. It has a slight fragrance that is not the least overpowering.


Buster is not too happy with me right now
Buster is not too happy with me right now


After a bit of a tussle I got Buster to stand still enough to start working in the shampoo.


shiny paw dog bath


The Shiny Paw shampoo is moderately thick without being too runny and lathers up nicely without being excessive. I used my bare hands and a washcloth to massage the Shiny Paw into the skin and spread the shampoo to every part of his body I  could reach with the exception of his face and ears. He freaks out when running water hits his face, so I use dog wipes for that which do not need water.

As you can see, Buster is a short haired dog, so it does not take too long to get the job done.  After about ten minutes I began rinsing him off, (another thing he does not like). Then I applied Shiny Paw’s Natural Conditioner, which required another rinsing.  After another few minutes he was rinsed clean, I was soak in wet, and I am wondering how I am going to take more photos without my camera getting wet!

Buster then immediately jumped out of the tub in glee, sending water flying everywhere while I frantically tried to grab a towel. He is running around the bathroom in circles, banging into things while trying to shake off the water at the same time, and I just throw the towel over him and grab him. After opening the bathroom door, he bolts out and spends the next ten minutes running around my apartment and rolling on the carpet, (which led me to discover the carpet needed vacuuming).

All was forgiven by Buster as he brought me his favorite tennis ball and stopped scratching. He will be curling up with me in bed tonight without any complaints from me.

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