Tue. Jan 22nd, 2019

Buster’s Friends- Princess Jasmine!

I am real excited to interview a pretty lassie named Jasmine.  I even took a bath for the occasion!  She is a little princess and I hope we can be friends!


Tell us a little about yourself. What is your background?

I was born in pompano beach Florida on December 26, 2010. My mom was rescued from a family that didn’t want her. When she got home my mom’s new owner didn’t know that she was having babies. So then on December 26 2010 I was born. There was five of us. I was the youngest. My new mommy was the girlfriend of the owner.They thought I was going to be a Rottie and half jack Russell. The markings of my color were black and white. My chest was white and my feet was black and my body was black. As I got older my colors changed brown and starting fur on my chest and ears and tail. Now at the age of 7 years old I turned to a beautiful Jack Russell mix with long hair dachshund.


How do you spend your time with your human?

My mom and I spend time visiting children the hospital and adults with heart defects and cancer. We also do different functions such as Dog Scouts of America and we some times do modeling shows with G girl productions. We sometimes just like to go outside and swim the pool too. I love getting dress up in different outfits. We also have been the easter parade and the Christmas parade in Florida.


Have you trained your human well?

I really didn’t train my human. The only ting I really trained her is to let me sleep in the bed on weekends or whenever she get up for work I wake her up when I here the alarm go off and she picks me up and puts me on the bed with her.

Whats your favorite kind of play or toy?

My favorite toys are the puzzle toys. I love finding the treats.

If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?

 There is nothing that I want to change. Im a happy puppy who loves people and also loves her life as a pampered princess.


You are a beautiful young pooch.  What is your secret?

There is no secret my mom takes very good care of me. I’m a princess.


Bacon or cheese?

I like both. But see my mom has me on a strict diet. Only fruitables treats and earthborn food. I have a sensitive tummy.

Have you ever seen the movie Lady and the tramp? Would you like to?

😊 yes I have seen lady and the tramp. But my favorite movie is frozen. But my favorite song is a whole new world. My mom sang it to me when I was a baby. I was named after the princess in the movie.



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