March 4, 2021

Buster’s Friends: Moet the Blind Cat

Hello peeps. Buster Boy here and I have a new friend: Moet the Blind Cat who I met from Twitter. She was nice enough to chat with me and was pretty cool for a cat.


I know every cat has a story, so what is your story Moet?  How did you lose your site and find your humans?

Well, it’s a long story – so please feel free to shorten it!

I was brought into Oman and taken to this place called the ‘pet shop’ and all the other fluffy kittens there said it was horrible but I’d soon be out of there. One by one my companions left, but one of them had given me cat flu and I wasn’t well so nobody really wanted me. The mean people at the pet shop didn’t care; I was left often without food and water, a dirty cage, no bed to lie on, no toys. Nothing.

I was miserable and then I just got sicker and sicker. Eventually the bright colours and things I saw started to go fuzzy and one day I woke up and there were only shadows and light. It wasn’t too much after that I could see only darkness. My world was miserable and I just lay down to find eternal sleep.

It was suddenly and abruptly that the cage was opened and a lady’s hand reached in for me. Loud voices, insistence and a lot of scuffling and I was put into a carry-box. I was so tired and low by this time I didn’t move a muscle. I just lay there thinking that perhaps I was going to the rainbow bridge that everybody had spoken of.

I felt the cold of a metal table, kind voices, the sting of an injection and then a soft bed. I ate some food offered to me and then I slept… waiting and waiting for the kindness to take me to the bridge. But it didn’t come and after a while I drifted off, waking every now and then for more food, water and a stroke from the kind voice-hands.

After a day or two, I was taken again to the cold metal table and given another sting that made me drift off quickly.

When I woke up I knew something was different about my eyes, they were sore on the outside, but inside they didn’t hurt so much and oddly, they felt better. The nice voices said I had “stiches” and so I had to wear this horrible plastic collar. But I didn’t mind because oddly, I felt like I was more energetic and stronger now and just felt a lot better. The kind voices came and went, I was given the most delicious food I had ever eaten and I always had a soft bed to lie on. Maybe I was over the rainbow bridge? No, it was real!  I didn’t much like the daily stings, but the nice voices said they would make me feel better and that one day maybe I would have a home of my own. A home? Really?! But I also heard the whispers and something about it being difficult to find a ‘good’ home for a blind cat. I wasn’t too sure what that meant, but I was happy and purred loudly at the kind voices and strokes that came my way. In fact, they said I was one of the happiest kitties they’d ever met. I didn’t know why, but that made me even happier.

Six days after my ‘surgery’ a new lady appeared from nowhere. She also spoke to me in a very kind voice and stroked my cheek. I rolled over for the next stage – the belly rub. She cooed and ahhh-ed and said “yes, I’ll take her”.

It was two days later after that I was again put into a carrier and taken to a new place. My forever home… That was back in September 2014.
Has your life been diminished at all, does it hold you back?

Given that I went blind very young, my blindness hasn’t really held me back that much. I’m also quite a happy and adventurous girl, so I try to live life to the fullest. The only thing I would say, is that I get bored very easily. I guess this is because I can’t sit and look at things and survey my surroundings like other kitties do, so I’m often pestering mum for endless attention. Oh, and I do tend to wake her up around 4am every day, because I get bored!


Do you feel close to your humans?

Well, I only have a mum, but yes, I feel very close to her. I do have to share her with my two other rescue sisfurs (Luna and Lily), but I reckon I’m her favourite. I know she loves me a lot and tries to make my life as happy, full and fun as possible. However, I wish she didn’t have to go to work, because I really miss her when she’s not here. Holidays are the worst though… all that time without mum is so lonely and dull.


Do you miss the sounds and smells of the outdoors?

Oh I’m so lucky, mum moved house this year, I think mainly for us, to give us more space and a small garden. She enclosed the garden to that it’s safe and she only has safe plants too. But wow, I love to go out there and smell everything and lie on either the garden furniture or the cat tree she put out there. I even catch bugs! Although I don’t think mum was too impressed when I brought a huge locust through the cat flap.

What is your favorite way of entertaining yourself?

It has to be my crinkle balls or foam balls. I love to chase them around and then squeak to mum when I lose them. I’m sure she has sore knees from getting on the floor to retrieve my lost toys from under the sofa or some other piece of furniture. However, once I have them, I can play by myself for ages. I guess my second favourite are catnip toys… ahh, the bliss!

What is your favorite snack?

I have two – either Thrive white fish treats or nutripockets. Oh whoops, I have three, I love Milky Melody Pur too!

You seem to be on a mission- tell us about that

I am indeed. My main aim is to raise awareness about the plight of animals in Oman. The strays are not cared for at all and the animal welfare legislation we have does not include the stray cats and dogs – which are left to breed unchecked, suffer, starve and get hurt. It’s a horrible situation and so my aim is to get enough outside pressure to make the government think. The other awful things here are the pet shops. Breeding is neither controlled nor regulated and I was one typical example of pet shop breeding. I hope that animal welfare legislation would see these awful places and practices shut down.

The other thing I’m campaigning for at the moment is an MRI machine. It’s a long story but I had a bad fall two years ago, which has left me with spinal injuries and a host of other issues that cannot really be detected without an MRI. However, there are no such machines for pets in Oman or even the whole Middle East region. So I’m trying my best, with the help of some amazing friends out there, to raise the huge amount necessary, to hopefully get one for our amaing vets, so that one day I can be properly diagnosed and treated. Our vets would buy one themselves, but it’s important to point out that they churn a massive amount of their profits to helping strays, abandoned animals, injured, neglected and others. They do an amazing job. Hey – they rescued and helped me all for free.


Do you have dog friends? I would like to call you friend.

I have lots of pawsome dog friends on Twitter! There’s our wonderful ZEOPS team, which is Admiral Biddy, Abby, Rosie, Marley Charms, Ron & Reg and our amazing leader – Lord Winston. But I have so many others… and I love them just as much as all kitties. We are all furries together and mum loves all animals too.

Thank you Moet. You are a real cool cat! 

Fankew soooo much!

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