January 15, 2021

Buster’s Friends: Meet Zeus the Pomsky

Hi Zeus, Buster Boy here,


How do you like being an instagram star?

I am not fully aware of my fame, but I love the attention! I’ll take the spotlight any chance I get haha.


Tell us a little about yourself.

I, Zeus, am a Pomeranian/Husky mix and about 20lbs. People’s first reaction to me is always, “Omg, is that a mini husky?” I’m super sassy, and both independent and cuddly.

What do you like to do with your human, does she take you to interesting places?

I go to lots of pet friendly places with my humans! I’m not a fan of the dog park lol, but love being out and about. Of course, my favorite place is outside.

Did  you train your human well?

My human, Sophia, wasn’t hard to train. We formed an instant and deep connection the second we met!


Why does she call you a Pomsky…what is that?

A pomsky is a mix of a Pomeranian and a Husky…..I’m a semi new breed. The “pomsky” breed gained speed and popularity in 2015.


Do you like the snow like Huskies do? I love jumping into the snow, and eating it. My human throws it at me like a ball. He thinks its funny.

I am obsessed with the snow! I love to romp in it and stick my nose in piles of snow. Here in Wisconsin, we get tons of cold weather and snow, which I love. My human takes a picture when I get it on my face, she’s like the puparazzi!

What do you do in the warm weather days? Do you swim? He takes me to a river. I also like the “dog parks”. Lots of butts to smell!

On warm weather days, I love to take super long walks. My humom, Sophia, loves the warm weather so we always walk to the park and play “fetch.”


Now the important question: bacon or cheese?

That is the most important question in the world. I couldn’t choose, they are both so so delicious! My puppy eyes are so strong, I convince my humans to give me both bacon and cheese. They say my face is so cute that they can’t resist…..haha!

You are my kind of pup Zeus! It was very nice to meet you.

All photos taken by Zeus the Pomsky’s human and used with the permission of Zeus.

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