March 5, 2021

Meet Teddy the Spaz Man-The Funny Dog With a Million Expressions


by Buster Boy


I am Chairman of the Bone at Pet Radio, and this is my first interview!  My tail is twitching with excitement from interviewing Teddy the Spaz Man, the funny dog with a million expressions.


Teddy had a rough start in life until his humans rescued him. Little did they know what was in store for them!  Teddy is a Coonhound/Greyhound mix, (which is probably why he is crazy, he doesn’t know whether to run or sniff).   I am a simple dog. I just like to scratch my butt and eat cheese. Here is my interview. I hope you enjoy it.

Met a guy who said I was pretty smart. FOR A DOG. So I said, “Thanks, you’re pretty smart too. For an inbred fart nugget.”


What is your story- how did you meet your family? I was born a poor orange boy…oops wrong story! Ahem. I was found tied up outside a rescue group in North Georgia in Oct 2014. The group posted my pic online and mom found me while searching for hounds. Mom and dad had a sweet Redbone Coonhound mix named Buddy who had recently passed and they wanted a friend for their beloved Roxie, a beautiful older Black Lab mix. Well mom and dad took one look at my ridiculously houndsome face and they were in love!

I got stood up tonight by Penelope. I got home and drowned my sorrows in catnip then texted her this pic telling her to kiss my rock hard buns.


Violet put on a show for us this weekend! Man, can she JUMP!


What do you think of humans? I love humans! After all, I score lots of bacon from humans! Well, I should say I love all humans but ONE…Mr. Johnson! He’s my next door neighbor and #1 nemesis. He stalks me from his upstairs bedroom window and has even faked his own death to trick me into giving him mouth to mouth. Eww…I just got the shivers.

We told Violet she was adopted. Maybe it was too soon


Do you have doggy friends? I do! My very best doggy friends are my family! My brother and sisters are all rescues. Yogi’s my brother, a Chihuahua, who’s a senior tripawd and the resident Yoda. Violet’s my puppy sister who’s on me like stink on…cheese… but I love her so much and we play like crazy. My rock and very best friend was Roxie (RIP). I also have my cousin Joey, an adorable little Chug, aunt Rosie, a Jack Russell mix, and my Poodle cousins Ellie and Riley. We have a BIG fur family!!!

But this time I really mean it. If I don’t have to take a bath, I promise I’ll never ever, ever treat your crotch like a trampoline again for the rest of the night. Deal?


What do you think about cats? I love cats! I used to sleep with my sister Lucille (RIP) and Mama Kitty and I can often be found hanging out on the couch together. Although I do steer clear of her when it’s dinner time. She can be feisty! 🙂

Got my disguise on to spy on Mr. Johnson. There’s some freaky stuff goin’ on over there.


Your goofyness has made you famous. Do you enjoy being goofy? It’s all I know and it makes people happy so yes, I enjoy being goofy very much! I truly believe I was put on this earth to bring joy to the masses so if I have to use my super goofy powers to accomplish that, then I’m your Spaz Man!

Dreamin’ of being fed bacon-wrapped donuts by a harem of poodles. Don’t wake me.


Which is better, cheese or bacon? Oh man, I didn’t know these questions were gonna be so hard! Can I get back to you on this one? What’s that? You need an answer now? Geez! Ok, well……I’d have to say…….BACON! But mom’s thinking about goin’ meatless so I might be forced to eat that fake stuff. She says it tastes just as good but we all know that’s a big ole crock.


What would you like your fans to know about you? Do you have a serious side? I want my fans to know how much I appreciate each and every one of them. Mom started my Facebook page thinking a few of her friends would like it. She had no idea it would grow to over 50,000 fans in 2 years. And I had no idea I would have the kind of impact I do on people. I get messages all the time that I’ve helped someone through a hard time or even helped them deal with the loss of their pet. Do you know how that feels? It’s the most incredible feeling in the world. So I try my best to like as many comments and respond to messages as much as I can because it means so much to me. Of course, as my page keeps growing, I’m finding it harder and harder so I think I might be putting Yogi to work pretty soon. After all, his thumbs are tiny so he should have no problem workin’ that keyboard.

And do I have a serious side? Hmmm…I think I just answered that.


Thank you Teddy. You really are all bark and no bite.

Now where is my cheese. You promised me cheese.

All photos used with permission from Teddy. Please visit Teddy’s Facebook page to see more photos and the captions that made him famous.

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