March 5, 2021

Buster Interviews Mavis the Bulldog And Falls In Love



You meet many humans and spread your joy to make them happy. Wouldn’t you rather  chase a squirrel or bury a bone?

I am my happiest when I get to love and smooch on people!  Seeing smiles and helping people is what I love best!  Although I do love bunny rabbits, but not chasing them, protecting them.  We have had bunny nests in my back yard and I guard them so the other dogs won’t get them. So “stay away from the bunny rabbits!”  🙂


How did you meet your human and was your human hard to train?  

I met her 6 years ago when she came to pick up another puppy.  But I was destined to be with her, because my owner at the time knew I was called to do something very special in life.  She just knew in her heart that my owner was the one to be my forever human.  The rest is history.  I am a registered therapy dog and love bringing smiles.  Thousands have been helped because of the non profit that was formed to help so many.  It is called Joy In The Cause, and I am the ambassador.  We help those with life altering illness and special needs.  Thousands have been helped and I have been able to see it first hand.  LOTS of smooches and high fives!  Is my human hard to train?  Let’s just say I have taught her well.  She’s got it down pretty well now.

What do you think of human pups- you seem to spend a lot of time with them.  Do they smell funny?

I love human pups!  Sweetest ever! No smells are too funny for me when it comes to human pup smooches!   I could smooch on them all day!  And they come with fun squeals of joy as well!


What is the best part of being a therapy dog?

Seeing frowns turn upside down, and tears turn into giggles!

Your human likes to dress you up in silly clothes. Is that fun?

I love to dress up!  I will even bring out tutus in my mouth, so my human can see what I want to wear that day. It has been said that I get a little “mopey” when I have a day without a wardrobe change.   I have a better wardrobe and manicure then my human does!  Shhhh but don’t tell her that.


What do you like best about your human?

She’s fun!  And she’s funny!  You have to be to dress up in a chicken suit, while having me on a leash dressed up in a marilyn monroe costume.  We never have a dull moment.  That’s why our non profit is called JOY in the cause!  The fun and laughter are all part of the JOY!  We help people choose joy, even on the tough days.  It’s possible!  We see it every day!   A pink bouffant wig helps too!


Which do you like better, belly rubs or sniffing butts?

It’s a tie!  You can’t beat a belly rub but boy those butt sniffs are great too!  OK….I guess belly rubs win…by a little.


You have become quite a celebrity. How do you keep it from going to your head?

In my eyes, the superheroes who battle tough illnesses, the children who are overcoming obstacles, and the heroes we meet everyday…..they are the celebrities.  I am just blessed to be in THEIR presence.  I am just a silly bulldog with a goofy human who love to help people through “tough stuff”.  The smallest things can make the biggest difference in life, and I am just thankful I can help even if just a little.

You do a lot of special events and causes. What has been your favorite and why?

My favorite is our HUGE gala every year because I am the canine hostess! I get to be a hostess!  How cool is that!  I get to smooch and high five hundreds of people and thank them for all the lives they helped touch throughout the year.  Thousands of care packages went out because of their help.  This year April 21st we do it again and I will be going to the moon and back!   That is the theme.  So watch out for the costume on this one!  Blast OFF!


Do you have any special events coming up?  

We sure do!  Our To the Moon and Back Gala April 21st 6:00 pm at the Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa, OK.   Link for details and more info:  And the AMAZING Rustic Cuff Run benefitting Joy In the Cause.  May 12. Tulsa, OK  If you are familiar with Jill Donovan and Rustic Cuff you know how HUGE this run is!  A custom cuff is made just for this run!  I LOVE them! The more bling I can wear the better!  Here is the link for details:

And we go to the cancer treatment center every month and this Valentine’s day we have some very special surprises in store for the patients receiving chemo and radiation.  All details can be found at

Mavis. I think you are beautiful. Do you have a boyfriend?

Buster you are nice.  I do have a boyfriend who lives a few houses down from me.  Well, let’s just say I have a crush on him.  He’s just dreamy!  But he has no clue I am in love with him.  I guess it’s time to pull out the blue wig huh?


Thank you Mavis’.


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