April 15, 2021

Buster Finds a Friend in Blacky the Wheelchair Cat

Hello! Buster Boy here. Recently I met a new friend: Blacky the wheelchair cat in New Zealand.  Blacky is a courageous fellow with a very positive attitude. If I didn’t know better, I would think he was a dog! At ll years old he has the energy of a one year old pup and through a series of unfortunate events he lost the use of his back legs, lost an eye, and lost his boy parts, but what he gained from the journey and the affect he has had on humans is truly amazing.


Please share your story with us. You have dealt with physical challenges for many years, correct? I was born normal two eyes two working legs but sadly another kitty scratched me the eye and it turned into an ulcer that just wouldn’t heal and it ruptured .after that I was hit by a car . No broken bones but spinal nerve damage . I gained back some feeling and bladder us I just can’t walk .


You are only one of a very few cats I know that has wheels. How much of a difference have they made in your life?

Heaps.  I love my wheels.  I only use them outside as wheels are for exercise only . They help me to be some what normal.  I think I can run faster than a cat with four working legs .


It is said you have inspired many humans to open their hearts to special needs animals, what do you think about that?

I think that’s way cool as so many pets are put to sleep because they are different and that is sad . As it ain’t legs that work that make you happy it’s love.


What is a typical day like for you?

Well I get up and I like to look out the window before I eat anything for about 30mins .  I’m a real morning cat.  I like to lay in the sun rays and purr . After lunch I go for a walk or should I say run . I don’t nap much . Life is to short to sleep the days away .


Are you able to enjoy toys and play time?

Yes I probably have the most toys ever . I have my own room full of things to keep my mind busy , cat nip bananas are my favorite . And the feather.  I’m 11 and me play like a kitten!


What do you like about the humans you meet as well as your family?

They are great I love my grandma and pops and kids I love kids I have a two year old girl I bought a bike for and she comes and gives me big hugs . She follows me everywhere and tells me she loves me . When she rides her bike she thinks of me cause I got her dat bike.

I met a lot new folk at my birthday party.  It was fun. They all loved me.


Which is better- tuna or cheese?

Cheese and cheese on pizza.

 D-U-D-E. Whoa. You must have been a dog in your prior life.

Anything you would like to say to your fans out there?

I love you so so much and wish I could meet you all . Thanks for believing in me


Thank you Blacky. You are a pretty cool cat. We should hang out. Split a cheese pizza without the pizza!

<Crickets making the noises crickets make…>

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