November 25, 2020

Brother and Sister Cats with 3 legs and Lots of Love

Could you love a cat with 3 legs? How about TWO cats?

These brother and sister cats both have only three legs and big hearts.  Leonard is a super sweet black kitty who has never met a stranger he didn’t like:  he loves everyone he meets, especially if they give him treats. He only has three legs, but he does not let that slow him down. He loves to run, play, and climb to top of cat trees.

Catalina is a little shy around new people, but she warms up quickly and is a super sweet kitty. Once she gets to know you, she will greet you with kisses and sweet meows. She only has three legs, but she doesn’t let that get her down. She loves to explore and climb cat trees. Catalina does well with other kitties and calm dogs with a proper introduction. She is bonded to her brother, Leonard, and they would love to go home together. If you have room in your heart and your home for two very sweet kitties, please consider meeting Leonard and Catalina!



415 Campbell Avenue SW Roanoke, VA 24016




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