Breeders Select Super Premium Dog Food-product review

I tested this dog food on my own dog for 30 days. I was very pleased with the results. The small breed variation has a much smaller kibble size than normal making it easy to digest for small dogs.  Two things I noticed within the first week: It took a smaller amount of the kibble to fill my dog’s appetite than the kibble I had been feeding him and my dog is defecating much less when eating this food.

Whenever you change a dog’s diet there may be some adjustment time. The first day he was a bit hesitant, but every day after that he ate very quickly. What really amazed me was how much more energetic my dog was after a week or so, and after a month he has lost a couple pounds.

The secret to this products success appears to be what’s in it and what is NOT in it. It contains only natural meat products and supplements without the by products, and those missing by products are helping to keep my dog lean and raring to go.

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