October 26, 2020

Border Collie Adopts 4 Baby Rabbits

You are enjoying a nice sunny walk down a country road miles from any homes or civilization, and you see four baby bunnies that are obviously domestic not wild- what do you do? You take them home of course!


That’s what  Amber Hannah did when she found four little pure white bunnies. She spent over an hour rounding them up to bring home. She figured they must have been dumped there since there was no homes nearby.


While they were old enough to eat grass, their white coats would make them stand out and a target for predators .



Bandit, the family’s 8-month-old border collie, warmed up to the bunnies immediately and made them feel right at home!  You see Hannah already had a rabbit, a Flemish Giant called Pluto that Bandit is great friends with.


A day later the four balls of white fluff were adopted out to friends. Bandit may not be done yet. Hannah just got word two more baby bunnies have been spotted where the other four were found.


All photos by Amber Hannah

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