September 28, 2020

Book Review- The Meaning of Meow

The Meaning of Meow Book Cover The Meaning of Meow
Pamela Weintraub
Centennial Books
April 21, 2020

Some of the world's top experts, including devoted veterinarians, open a window into the minds of our feline freinds. Cats have become so beloved in recent years that some 75 million live in American homes as family pets. Another quarter million are community cats, increasingly serving us in barns, breweries, warehouses and more to keep rodents and other unwanted wildlife under control. Yet the cat has often seemed mysterious—compared to dogs, our cats can feel bit more aloof and difficult to truly “get.” But new research into our feline friends now reveals their love for us, their secret language, including accents and dialects, and their inner depths. In a series of engaging stories featuring the world’s top experts, veterinarians and pet-owners themselves, this premium book opens a window into the minds of our feline friends. Among the features: How to raise a kitten to become a great cat; how to understand your cat's purrs, meows and body language; how to teach your cat tricks; and how to rescue a stranded cat and make it your own. A bonus feature covers favorite breeds and the advantages each confers.

The Meaning of Meow is a must have for any cat lover. It is full of gorgeous photos and graphics on every page, comprehensive information that is detailed and yet a joy to read….one might even say entertaining!   It covers every aspect of owning a cat, breed information, training, trick training, behavior issues, health issues, foster care, adoption and more.  I highly recommend this book to any lover of felines.

review done by Robert Hudson

the meaning of meow
the meaning of meow




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