April 15, 2021

Book Review-My Cat’s Album

My Cat's Album Book Cover My Cat's Album
Alberto Bertolazzi
CompanionHouse Books
October 9, 2018

My Cat's Album is an indispensable scrapbook for all cat lovers, providing a place to record the history and stages of the growth of your inseparable feline. Photographs and memories can be inserted in corresponding sections, creating a personalized diary that preserves the unique identity of a beloved pet.

This is the coolest thing ever! An album full of photos of your cat, mementos, a journal, scrapbook, envelopes to hold souvenirs or documents, and even a planner for important dates for your kitty. It’s cute and girly-illustrated with soft water color scenes. The cover  has a pocket to slide in a portrait photo of your cat! It is a wonderful way to detail your life together. You will enjoy putting it together as the life journey enfolds, and at the end time you will have an unbelievable way to remember your companion. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a feline family member


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