September 25, 2020

Book review- Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady Book Cover Crazy Cat Lady
Ester Scholten
Workman Publishing Company
April 2, 2019

Welcome to the new “crazy cat lady.” Once a dowdy, eccentric figure with at least a dozen cats shedding hair on every available surface, today she’s a hip-at-any-age woman who knows an unassailable truth: Cats are awesome! And she declares her kitty love with pride, humor, and—like her cats—an irresistible dose of sass. Her tote bag is stocked with lint rollers and catnip. All her photos get the #catlady or #crazycatlady hashtags. And she’s not alone—each tag has over 4 million posts on Instagram! With clever text by Ms. Scholten and utterly charming artwork by Ms. Loonstra (a regular Flow illustrator), Crazy Cat Lady is a celebration of the quirky, relatable, and instantly recognizable habits of devoted feline fans. There are mottos for the perpetually fur-covered: Cat hair, don’t care. Quotes for the owners who know the more the merrier: “Cats are like glasses of wine. You can’t have just one.” Flowcharts on what to name your kitten. “How to draw a cat” tutorials. Fun facts: Did you know that a cat has 230 bones in its body, more than you? And portraits of crazy cat ladies through history, from Florence Nightingale to Katy Perry. At an impulse-friendly price, this sweetly edgy little book has the fresh outlook on cat fanaticism the modern feline lover has been waiting for.

Crazy Cat Lady is a small gift book that is ideal for the crazy cat lady…or man…in your life. If you believe in shopping early, the book would make a great stocking stuffer, or give it just because.

This is not a book about cat care or why you should or shouldn’t have cats. It’s an illustrated guide that all cat lovers can relate to. As an example, “It’s NOT drinking alone when the cats are home,” and “I don’t need therapy, I talk to my cats.” Interspersed with that kind of statement is information such as how to plant catnip, famous cat people, and the fact that owning a cat can lessen your chance of a heart attack.

If you have both cats and dogs, just substitute “dog” for “cat” and in most instances, it works.

Crazy for cats? You’ll enjoy Crazy Cat Lady.

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