September 20, 2020

Book review- Cat Paws

Cat Paws
Pie International
Pie International




Paws! Paws! Paws! full of cat paws. This is a collection of more than 40 cats from cat lover’s Instagram, Twitter, and blogs. Filled with tons of cute angle shots, this book will surely melt your heart.

This is a small, hardcover book full of color photos of cat paws! Fluffy, soft, and different colors, you will see the cutest cat paws doing everything cat paws do!  Originally published in Japan, this is the first English edition.

From page one you see nothing but little cat feet. In the back of the book, meme like pages give interesting facts about your kitty’s paws and bio & head shots of the cats who modeled their footsies. I found this book great fun and amusement. This book is being released in print in October, and is on Amazon now


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