September 28, 2020

Book Review- Can I Keep It? Small Pets Guide

Can I Keep It? Small Pets Guide Book Cover Can I Keep It? Small Pets Guide
Par Tanguy
CompanionHouse Books
May 12, 2020

From gerbils, lizards, and snails to spiders, fish, and frogs, this is the coolest guide for kids to learn how to take care of the coolest pets! With 39 pet profiles that describe origins, behaviors, cage installation plans, food, maintenance, and more, this book contains all the general and fun information for a variety of easy-to-care-for animals that kids will love. Also included are smartphone scan codes to see the author's very own pet collection throughout, as well as anatomical diagrams, high-quality photography, helpful illustrations, and easy-to-read informational blurbs. * The coolest guide to caring for the coolest pets, from gerbils and snails to spiders, fish, and frogs* Contains 39 pet profiles describing their origin, behavior, cage installation, food, maintenance, and more* Includes high-quality photography, anatomical diagrams, helpful illustrations, and informational blurbs* Also includes author's personal observations and smartphone scan codes to see his own pet collection* Author Par Tanguy is an animal enthusiast and French YouTube sensation where he shares videos of incredible animals



I absolutely love this book.  While the publisher appears to be promoting this book for children,  it is written for anyone of any age who has an interest in a wide variety of small and unusual animals as pets  It does not read like its for children. The care information is detailed and educational  in a friendly and light heart manner.


Every page has photos and/or cool graphics.  39 Cool insects, reptiles, small mammals, amphibians, spiders, millipedes, crabs, snails, shrimp,  and more are profiled with care information and housing, including instructions for building your own housing in some cases.


The author gives his personal experience, “My observation” tips next to the reference information.  I found it fascinating.  Where else can you find information on the care of a pet Vampire crab, a Mombo Assassin bug,  Hissing cockroach, Russian Dwarf Hamster, or a Chinese fire-bellied newt?


If your child loves animals and is looking for pets that are a bit unusual, or if you want to learn more about these wonderful creatures, then this book is for you. You will not be disappointed.





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