Biker and His Dog Travel the Country to Raise Money for Children of Deceased Vets


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Living on the road with his dog Scooter, Adam Sandoval is traveling the lower 48 states on his Harley to raise awareness and money for Children who have lost their parents in active duty. Adam and Scooter are visiting all 696 Harley Davidson dealers in the continental U.S. for fundraiser activity- meet and greets.

Six months of traveling has thus far raised closed to 50,000 dollars to the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund. “We’re on schedule to raise over $250,000 for these kids, just man, his dog, and his cell phone on the road,” said Sandoval.
He and his dog are breaking the world record for longest charity ride, and the record for the most miles driven in a single fun on a motorcycle.


Scooter seems to enjoy the spotlight. “He’s a road dog man, Scooter loves the road,” said Sandoval. “He’s been about 25,000 miles since we left and he gets a warm welcome everywhere we go.”

“It takes a lot of dedication to take 18 months out of your life like this,” said Fixed Harley Operations Director, Jim Vendeville to a Fox News reporter, “I really admire someone who’s willing to do this and that’s why we wanna fully support his cause.”

As he travels across the country, anyone can join the ride.  Along the way, other riders are free to join the ride for the day or as long as they would like. The successful ride will set a new world record for most miles in one country, the largest group ride and the longest charity ride in history.

For more information on how you can support and follow Sandoval and Scooter, click on the link to his website at, and his Facebook page.