June 16, 2021

Barking Dogs That Drive People Insane

by Kevin Davies


A barking dog can be very upsetting and annoying to most people, and can cause your neighbors to report you to the local dog control. It is important to understand that your dog is not barking just to annoy you and the neighbors, they are indeed trying to communicate with you about what they are experiencing at the moment.
When you are home and your dog begins to bark it does no good for you to simply yell, ”Quiet!” from the comfort of your lazy boy, or from the laundry room where you might be busy with washing clothes, as this will only confuse your dog and the barking will intensify.


You must act in a way that represents to your dog that you are the Alpha and you are the one who sets the rules. This means you must get up and leave your comfortable chair, or stop washing the clothes and go see what your dog is barking about.


There are a few common reasons why your dog is barking and we will explore some of these reasons.


Barking is a very natural way that dogs communicate with one another, and it should come as no surprise to you when your dog barks. You can however take control of where and when your dog barks and for how long. If your dog barks and you go and see what is going on and you see someone in the yard then this bark is what you want, your dog is telling you that someone is here. When you get to your dog say good dog, good bark , sit, quiet, and then using your calm and serious energy and body language you make what you want to happen. Your mindset should be that this is what I want you to do, and I am not going to quit until I get it. This might mean telling who ever is at the door that they must wait a second until you have your dog in a calm and submissive state sitting quietly where you want him or her to be.


Training your dog to be calm is much easier to do when you have a puppy, but regardless of how old your dog is or how long the behavior has been taking place you can always send them back to balance and regain your pack leader status. You only need to be serious about getting your dog all the way from level ten barking to a zero level calm and relaxed state of mind. Then most important thing to remember is you must follow through until you achieve calm submission. If you simply chase your dog away from the door he or she will only return in a more intense state of mind. It is not enough to stop the behavior for the moment, you need to take your dog all the way back to a balanced state, ie laying on the floor calmly, or in the sit position. I have trained my dogs to have sit as the go to behavior. There are many things your dog can’t do when he is sitting.


Another common reason why your might have a barking dog, is that they have not been taught how to be alone for extended periods of time. In todays society most families have two parents that work and children  in school. This means that for most of the day your dog is alone to deal with any anxieties or fears it may have.


We have trained dogs to live with us and want to be around us, and they do want this more than anything. Where you need to put in some work is in the area of teaching your dog how to be alone by themselves for short and extended periods of time. There are many ways to condition your dog to be calm when you have to go away. You can begin by leaving for a short time, say 10 minutes, then a little longer each time thereafter. When done in stages you teach your dog that nothing bad is going to happen and you will be coming back. Leaving a chew toy filled with treats is a great way to give your dog something to focus on other than barking, and it is difficult to bark when you are chewing treats.


Putting a video recorder in your home to capture what your dog is doing will help you develop strategies to help your dog be calm and quietly wait for your return. The key to having success with your barking dog is to set a goal of what you want and work towards achieving it. You can’t put a time limit on this process as each dog is unique and will learn at their own rate of speed. Your only goal is to not give up, or get angry or frustrated but be patient and consistent.

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