October 24, 2020

Avoid the Risks of a Stinky Litter Box

Avoid the Risks of a Stinky Litter Box


You clean. You scrape. You shovel. But no matter what you do, you just can’t ditch the stench in your cat’s litter box. And when it’s bad…. it’s really bad. That ammonia smell can be pretty pungent, making people gag and stinging their eyes. And guess what? If you hate the stinky litter box smell, you can bet your cat hates it too. Not only is ammonia smelly, constant exposure can cause health risks for you, your cat, and your family!

Fecal Build-Up and Ammonia Dangers

While the ammonia content in your cat’s urine is relatively low (roughly .05% compared to 5-10% in household cleaners), it can build up and become concentrated inside the litter box very quickly. Veterinarians say exposure and inhalation of ammonia molecules can cause eye and nose irritation for you and your cat. It can also cause a burning sensation in the nose and swelling of the airways.

Fecal buildup is also a problem. If too much fecal matter is left inside a litter box, bacteria will form. In fact, the most common bacteria found in litter boxes is Escherichia Coli, also known as E. Coli.

Put it this way. If the smell of the litter box makes you wince, that box has become a toxic, bacteria-filled environment that your cat may ultimately refuse to use.

Keeping the Litter Box Odor Free


The only way to avoid ammonia-induced health problems and household soiling is to keep the litter box as clean as possible. Sure the type of litter you use and daily cleaning help, but absolutely nothing will completely eliminate that stubborn ammonia odor and bacteria like a Breathe Free Litterbox Mate litter pad.


The secret is in the inert organic mineral that fills the pads. As soon as the pad is placed at the bottom of the litter box (underneath standard cat litter), the mineral goes to work, absorbing moisture and ammonia gases. A Breathe Free Litter Box Mate litter pad is the only cat litter product on the market that is proven to safely and effectively neutralize and eliminate harmful litter box odor.

No joke!

What’s more, Breathe Free pads do not contain any harsh chemicals, perfumes, or pellets because veterinarians say cats hate all that stuff too!

Extra Bonus: Save Money

Did you know people who use premium cat litter spend an average of $40 a month? That’s almost $500 a year — just to maintain a litter box! Sounds crazy, right?

The added beauty of using Breathe Free Litter Box Mate litter pads is the HUGE cost savings. Use a pad for 30 days with any inexpensive, fragrance-free clumping litter and you’ll save as much as 20-30% each month on your litter box!

Breathe Free Litterbox Mate is an inexpensive investment for cat owners and it ensures peace of mind that you, your cat, and your household stay healthy and odor free.

Breathe Free Litterbox Mate™ litter pads are exclusively for sale online for $9.99 (including shipping) at   www.breathefreelitterboxmate.com

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