March 5, 2021

Atchoum the Cat with the Cold Stare That Will Melt Your Heart

Atchoum the Cat

Atchoum is a nine month old kitty that many online media outlets are calling the “demon cat” because of its intense looking stare with bright yellow eyes shinning through a dark black mask.  The media is always looking for another Grumpy cat or Colonel Meow.

The truth is Atchoum is just an ordinary cat that happens to have a birth defect known as hypertrichosis, which is an abnormal excess of hair on the body. In humans it is also known as werewolf syndrome. Perhaps the more appropriate tag line would be Atchoum the Werewolf Cat!

His owner Nathalie in Quebec, Canada, says Atchoum is just like any other cat : sleeps, eats, sleeps, and plays.


Atchoum the Cat

Atchoum the Cat

Atchoum the Cat Atchoum the Cat Atchoum the Cat




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